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"No Mind Left Behind: Using Media to Reach All Students"

“No Mind Left Behind – Using Media to Reach All Students”
DEN Webinar October 25,2008
· Today’s students are not longer the students our schools were designed to teach
· Current Kindergartners will graduate from high school in 2021: What kinds of jobs will be available then? What are we doing to prepare them for that?
· Disciplined Mind (creativity to construct knowledge_
· Synthesized Mind (takes in info and transforms it into something brisk, clear, and repeatable
· Creative Mind (takes info and builds content . . . in the world of tomorrow: “I create, therefore I am”
· Respectful Mind (knowledge of others and around us and the differences)
· Do Podcast for Week in Review
· Nettrekker
· BrainPop
· Inspiration
· Flip video to let kids do themselves
· Movie Maker
· Free (mind mapping tools for collaboration)
· Assign TV watching as homework (Watch and evaluate plot, setting, characterization . . .)
· Take statistics from Playoff games
· Datainspiration
· Inspired data
· Voicethread
· Gabcast
· EduWiki
· If Thomas Jefferson were chatting online with you, what would be some questions you would instant message him with? What would be on his IPOD? (characterization activity?)
· Writing Prompt Builder in Discovery Education
· Assignment Builder in Discovery Education
· Wikis are a great way for sharing and creating
· (all around the world day)

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