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"Raise Your Hand if You are a Rock Star"

Raise Your Hand if You Are a Rock Star (DE webinar 12/25/08)
“Shift Happens” video on youtube by Carl Fisch
· Was created to share with teachers to get them excited about technology and to get students ready to be innovators that publish for more than an audience of one
· Dozens of remix version presentations
· We need to change the way we are teaching since the future we are preparing students for is changing
There are massive amounts of opportunities/information and tools available tight now
Can we predict the classroom of the future? We can if we work to invent it and create it right now
ClassScribe on class weblog:
· takes detailed notes and posts them for all to see (absent students, students wanting more info, study guides . )
· Students taking notes and sharing them, but also going further and finding more info and web and providing the links
· Taking notes as a graphic novel
· Alternative: the students can take notes and post them on the teacher blog . . . which will let teacher see what students did and did not get from the class
Horizon Project on wikispaces is a good example of how much students can do is we just step back and allow them to do it (facilitate)
· Read a book and discuss it online (book club blog)
· There were predetermined specific tools for students to use, but how students chose to use them was up to them . . . pretty remarkable results
Think about the classes in 2015:
· Should be doing lessons with real world relevance and issues (reminds me of Problem-based learning)
Maria Knee (Kindergarten Teacher with blog for students: Kinder Kids)
· Has Yack Pack on her site, so that people who visit the site can talk to her students since she keeps it open during class (interaction)
· The class just turns it off when silence is needed

Possible Resources:
· Bubble Share (allows you to upload pictures through Picasa and then directly to bubble share where things can be added . . . very versatile as can be used to share a naturewalk in Kindergarten as well as to teach techniques in AP Algebra
· (OREO online project hosted by Jen Wagner for Kindergarten classes)
Creative Projects for preK-6 elementary classrooms
· RipTide Furse: Music to use on podcasts and digital storytelling (on useful links on school webpage and ikeepbookmarks)

Point of Discovery Educators Network/Webinars: Figure out and Learn ways to use technology tools that work for you (may not be way traditionally used) and SHARE those ideas with others

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