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Anticipating Learning ....

Madalyn's birthday was last week and for the previous 4 days, there was a card and/or a kids magazine in the mailbox each day for her (Thanks Aunt Bonnie for the cards!).

She loves the wonder of opening the mailbox to see what might be there ...

Most of the time, there is nothing for her ...

But she still feels the excitement of the anticipation that there might be something for her ...

How can we as parents and teachers capitalize on that excitement and anticipation?

As odd as it sounds, I think we can build that by doing the same things on a regular basis.

For example, even though the question and content changes each day on Wonderopolis, some of the same pieces are still there all the time ...

Children expect there to be a video and some fun stuff worked into the information that is shared. Parents and Teachers expect there to be thought-provoking questions, good information to share, possible ideas for further exploration, and a clue about the next wonder of the day ...

That hint about the next day could be a key to the building anticipation part ...

Children are eager to learn and find out what is coming next ...

They are anticipating learning!


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