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Wordless Wednesday, but with Words!



In this image, I see four glass objects at the front of the picture ...

Two with meaning and two without ...

Can you guess which is which?

One of these belonged to my grandmother who I miss dearly each day ...

One of these was created by me and my family at a studio on a special trip ...

I see rich colors of glass full of memories paired with other striking glass pieces to complement them ...

I see old paired with new ...

I see memories and beginnings ...

I see rough and I see refined ...

I see a picture that makes me smile!

What do you see?



Wouldn't something like that make for an interesting journal topic or storystarter for students?

You could have one picture for the whole class to write about. I am sure you would be amazed at all the different stories and aspects students would get from the same picture. You could have students bring in pictures to write about or to have someone else write about. Think about all the possibilities for descriptive writing, narrative writing, and even informative writing. Using images could be a great way to hook those visual learners. An activity like this could also be good for a free write to see what you can get from students.

We never know where creativity and imagination will take us if we just go along for the ride!

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I am stopping over from 5 minute Friday. I love your blog!

May 30, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCarla

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