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Creative Thinking Challenge #9

In the “Grow Creativity!” article, Candace Hackett Shively shares four aspects of creativity: fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration. This article had me hooked from the beginning:

The world needs creative thinkers, scientists, engineers, leaders, and contributing workers. yet research repeatedly shows creativity is schooled out of us. 

The Creative Thinking Challenge prompts focus on areas in all of these aspects and use ideas inspired by many different sources.

I would love for you to participate …

  • even if you don’t think you are very creative
  • the point of these prompts is to get the creative juices flowing 
  • even if that only means letting small ideas begin to trickle out

 I find that I get lots of new ideas from looking at the things others have done … and I bet we all interpret the prompts in unique ways.

The best part is that you get to choose how you want to respond to this prompt. And there is no deadline. The next prompt will post on the 15th of the month.

(I post past prompts on the Creative Thinking tab at the top of my blog)

Creative Thinking Challenge Prompt: Discover the Hidden Stories in Numbers

It is no secret that numbers and I don’t really get along that well … (although I am going to be more POSITIVE this year)

But I am a fan of stories …

And really there are stories behind or associated with all the numbers we see or have floating around in our minds …

The idea for the prompt this time came from the title of the blog post:

I Love Charts - Discovering Stories Hidden In Numbers


I found this on the ASIDE blog: Innovation Design in Education, and I must admit that my first reaction was “really?” and then I did not read the article.

Althought I did not read the article, the window did stay open as one of my tabs for quite a while. I am not sure why I did not just close the window and get rid of it ….

When I finally opened that window again, the title got stuck in my mind ….

The post is about creating charts and graphs … or something like that … :)

But the title ….

Could have so many meanings (especially if you leave off the “I Love Charts” part) ….

I had a couple of different ideas for the Creative Thinking Challenge Prompt this time, so I decided to just share them all and would love to hear what you think too … 

  • Look around you and see what numbers you notice … could be house numbers, calendar numbers, candles, calculators, show sizes ….
  • Do those numbers make you think of a story? 
  • Can you use those numbers to create a story?
  • How about using numbers to create a sculpture, painting, print, or logo?
  • Do you think of certain numbers when you see certain people?
  • Do you have a favorite number? Why?
  • Is there a math class story related to number that sticks with you? 

Choose one of these questions/ideas to stretch your creative thinking!

Or come up with your own that involves numbers in some way ….

And share!

I guess we are focused on numbers this month since we are moving from 2012 to 2013 ….


*or you could take the story behind how this idea developed … being more interested in a title than the article, leaving a window/website open for no apparent reason, an idea sticking in your mind …. and go with that …


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Reader Comments (6)

I do have a favorite number - two I guess. I love 4. I'm not exactly sure why, but when I picture it, it is always in blue, my favorite color. The other number is 9. That was my grandfather's football number in high school and mine for field hockey. It's a good solid, yet unique number.

I once saw a framed image of a number 8 in someone's kitchen. I think it came from a children's book where each number took on a personality and had a back story. How fun! I wonder if anyone knows that book? I think that would be a fun project for students for students to do as they start to understand the concept of number values.

January 3, 2013 | Unregistered Commenter@eliza_peterson

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