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Creative Thinking Prompt #28

Where has this month gone?

I let the first of the month slip by without posting a new Creative Thinking Prompt …

I thought about it and then just didn’t do it …

Then I decided to just let myself off and post the next one in the middle of the month rather than to feel guilty.

So here it is!

In the “Grow Creativity!” article, Candace Hackett Shively shares four aspects of creativity: fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration. This article had me hooked from the beginning:

The world needs creative thinkers, scientists, engineers, leaders, and contributing workers. yet research repeatedly shows creativity is schooled out of us. 

The Creative Thinking Challenge prompts focus on areas in all of these aspects and use ideas inspired by many different sources.

I would love for you to participate …

  • even if you don’t think you are very creative
  • the point of these prompts is to get the creative juices flowing 
  • even if that only means letting small ideas begin to trickle out

I find that I get lots of new ideas from looking at the things others have done … and I bet we all interpret the prompts in unique ways.

The best part is that you get to choose how you want to respond to this prompt. And there is no deadline. Prompts are posted on the 1st and 15th of each month!

(I post past prompts on the Creative Thinking tab at the top of my blog)

If you have an idea for a Creative Thinking Prompt, please let me know!

Creative Thinking Prompt: Fill the page with words…

I have started a new project this week …

I have put something on a page in a sketchbook every day this week.

One night, I made dots with paint.

One night, I used a blue marker and drew rectangles.

Another night I traced a cup to create overlapping ircles on the page and then I chose to color some blocks and leave some white.

Right now I don’t have a plan for what will end up in the book each day …

I just do something ..

Yesterday, I started looking at the first few pages of Creative Artist: A fine artist’s guide to expanding your creativity by Nita Leland. Phrases and words on the first few pages really jumped out at me and made me think …

So I wrote those words on a page in my sketchbook …

And then I kept adding words and phrases that I found or thought based on what I read. Some words are thick, some thin, some straight, some at angle, some fit together, and some stand out!

I just kept adding

And then I added a few lines and circles

Just because

And I really like the way it turned out

So my Creative Thinking Prompt for you this time is to fill the page with words …

You can choose to do that in any way you want.

I am making myself take time each day, even if only a few minutes, to put something down on paper …

When I made myself write a little on my blog every night one week, I did not always know what I was going to write, but I just started and then things seemed to flow …

I am trying that approach now with my sketchbook …

What are you going to do?

How are you going to interpret this prompt?

My advice …

Just let go and do something!

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