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The Big, Bad Weather Monster

Did anyone else have to deal with the Big, Bad Weather Monster last week?

I am ready for him to go far away …

Or even into hibernation!

On Monday, I was so excited about the Pinterest Learning Network session I was leading after school …

We were going to have a Pinterest Party sharing resources as well as discussing how we searched for them and how we decided what we wanted to keep! In my mind, it was going to go so well!

I made a Pinterest-inspired snack to bring to share with everyone …

And then the Big, Bad Weather Monster hit!

Before I left for work that morning, we got a call that school would dismiss three hours early …

No afterschool activities meant no Pinterest Party :(

But while driving to work, I decided to make the best of things and create a quick online learning opportunity for teachers to still be able to share the resource they had planned to bring as well as to discuss the other questions. I quickly put together a moodle option and shared it with teachers while promising to reschedule session one of our Pinterest Learning Network (PLN).

Striking one time was not enough for the Big, Bad Weather Monster …

We have recently implemented a STEAM Lab at a local elementary school … which we are really excited about … the media specialist at that school, Natalie Strange has played a major role!

So in an attempt to try some new ways of doing Professional Development for teachers (I think I like calling it Professional Learning better … but that is for another blog post), we were planning to offer some blended options. My first attempt revolves around that STEAM Lab.

The plan was to have a face-to-face session to introduce the idea and share the inspiration and journey so far. The second face-to-face session would be at the elementary school actually participating in the STEAM Lab as students, followed by planning at the the third face-to-face session. Various online activities would be required between sessions providing readings and time for reflection as well as dreaming big.

But since we did not have school on Tuesday, there was no STEAM Lab session 1 …

(That session would have also be a practice session for our STEAM Lab presentation at the NCTIES Conference later that week …)

In our jobs as educators we have to be willing to make adjustments, but I was getting a little tired of it … We did not have session one but I went ahead and sent information for participants to begin working in the online portions of the course. While thinking about ways to restructure our plan, we are now going to start with session two and being involved in the STEAM Lab before we do session one and provide background info. Maybe it will turn out better … who knows?

Now let’s talk about Strike 3 …

Our session at NCTIES on the STEAM Lab was scheduled for Friday morning. With Natalie’s pictures and input, I created a prezi for us to use. Since Natalie is at the school each day, she was going to do most of the talking about the STEAM Lab experience.

The Big, Bad Weather Monster struck again on Thursday evening …

And my co-presenter was unable to come to Raleigh …

In an attempt to keep myself calm … still breathing … I considered the options we could use … since it was a technology conference. I remembered when Steven W. Anderson was not able to fly to Orlando to present at FETC, he presented virtually … that was an idea. So after some twisting and turning, Natalie, my co-presenter, was able to join in the presentation via Google+ Hangout! And what made it even better was that her 4 year old told us all about the play-do circuit and why it worked (that was one of the hands-on activities we had planned to let participants try). It was so great watching and listening to him … as well as his Momma! And I guess I did a good job too! :)

So even though the Big, Bad Weather Monster reared his ugly head several times last week …

I think we were able to overcome the hurdles he tossed our way …

And even though technology was present in those solution attempts, just a piece of technology could not have overcome the obstacles all by itself …

It is not the technology but how we use the technology …

Now I wonder if the Big, Bad Weather Monster will make an appearance this week ..


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