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Unexpected Learning

What did you learn today?

This morning I posted a tweet:

As I reflect on my day today, I realize how true that was for me today!

I had the great opportunity to visit Bugg Elementary in Raleigh, NC this morning. After meeting some of the staff at NCTIES in March, I was really looking forward to the things I was going to learn about today!

But I also had some unexpected learning …

I still want to process and read back over my notes before I share much of what I saw today … but I will let you in on that unexpected learning!

Before we started our Traveling PLT or Learning Walks to visit some classrooms, we were encouraged to use PicCollege to document our day.  

I had already taken a bunch of pictures using my phone as soon as I walked into the media center … but I was not sure what I was going to do with them.

I take A LOT of pictures, but don’t always do very well with keeping them organized …

So I gave in and quickly downloaded PicCollage then immediately started using it!

It tells you what to do and is quite intuitive … you hit the PLUS sign to add anything (images, text …).

I think I have found my new solution to that organization problem (at least for now)!

Using PicCollage (there is an app for ipad and android), images can automatically be added to collages as you take them!  Yayyyy!

The staff at Bugg Elementary suggested we create a collage for each hall that we visited (K-1, 2-3, 4-5), so I did that but also created collages for things I saw in the hallway and the STEAM Lab/21st C Lab!

Straight from PicCollage, I could add words to label the collages and switch between collages to add images!!!

I even saw students creating with PicCollage by using the text option to display their research findings!

There are so many possibilities!

I have so many ideas …

This will not be the last post I write about my learning experience today at Bugg Elementary!

You might even see some of these pictures again!

Always make sure you watch out for the learning opportunites that you don’t expect!



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