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Right now it is the math that somewhat scares me ...

So going back into elementary school as an Gifted Education teacher right after Christmas after being away from it for almost 5 years …

Has felt a bit like jumping in the deep end of the pool with my swim floaties only half inflated …

And I am loving it!!!

I am keeping my head above water

By doing a lot of kicking and splashing

And having a great time!!

In the past, I have often written about the benefits of reading blog posts

No matter how you find them

Over the last few days, I can attest to that!!!

My new position is split between three Title 1 schools

At each of the schools, there is a need to increase their population of identified gifted students

Students are gifted in many ways

Not all them can be measured on a test

My goal is to support and encourage higher order thinking skills 

I am so excited about the possibilities for creative and critical thinking!

Right now the plan is for me to work with students from the 2nd grade through the 5th grade

Some identified and some who need some nurturing and that little extra push

My background in writing, reading, and literacy will serve me well …

Right now it is the math that somewhat scares me …

Maybe scares me is not the best way to describe my feeling, but this uncomfortable feeling is kinda scary for me …

But I know that I have written about how it is OK to be uncomfortable …

It is in that uncomfortableness that learning has great potential …

And I am talking about learning for ME

In order to better prepare me for helping students!

So when looking for ideas, I started with Pinterest

While I know that might now be the best place …

It is the truth …

I found a pin that took me to a blog …

A wonderful blog …

That I read and read and read …

I am sure that I had a big smile across my face as I read post after post finding lots of great ideas!!

Here are a few of my favorite posts so far:

Her blog took me to her Twitter account and her TeachersPayTeachers store where she has some great problem solving activities!

Where are other places I should look for math ideas and resources?




top photo credit: Janaviemae via photopin cc

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