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Not really something I wanted to do...

Greek Mythology …

What is your first thought?

I have to admit Greek Mythology is not at the top of my favorite things to teach …

Or at least it wasn’t …

At one of the school I started working at in January, there was a Gifted Education group meeting once a week. The students in that group were beginning a Greek Mythology unit. After spending a few weeks building background knowledge, the students were really excited about the mythology project that includes lots of different types of thinking activities as well as group work.

And now I was taking that over …


Even though it probably would not have been my first choice of projects to start wtih, I wanted to try to continue and provide some continuity …

And I am having such a great time!!!!

Student excitement and engagement is through the roof!!

I am just the facilitator and provider of supplies …

Learning is taking place and it is student-centered!!!


One of the activities we did last week may have looked simple first at first but was so much more …

Students in small groups read a portion of the Echo and Narcissus myth. Then students worked together to decide which words from a list could be used to describe each of the two characters listed.

Just from listening to some of the discussions, and even a few disagreements, I could tell students were digging deep and using the myth to justify their reasons!

One group told me that at the beginning of the myth one of the words applied to a character, but then towards the end of the myth, a change happened so the opposite word applied.

Look at the skills and strategies used there!

This type of activity was also a great way to introduce new vocabulary words.  I did not pre-teach the words at the beginning.  If students needed some help with a word, they asked me. I tried to provide examples and connections rather than just providing a definition. 

And you may notice from the picture that students decided to add a few words to the bottom of the list that they felt should be up there …

I have been trying to think of ways I could use an activity like this to introduce, support, and encourage the learning of vocabulary in the future …

While the Greek Mythology unit may have begun as something I was not really sure I wanted to do, I sure am glad to be a part of it now!

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