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What Can We Do Today?

It is COLD!

There is ICE outside!

So what are we doing inside … we are creating!

Last night I showed my daughter this step-by-step video tutorial that was made by kids for kids!

She loved the project and wanted to get started right away!

So we gathered supplies and took over the kitchen table!

Here is her creation:

My little one had a great time following the instructions to create as well as coming up with ideas to make it unique!

She also started asking questions about making her own video giving instructions on how to make something …

It sounds like she was inspired … not only from the end result but also by the whole process

Which gives this teacher some ideas for the classroom …

  • write instructions
  • activities for following instructions
  • create video demonstrations
  • simple materials for projects (all this one took was a cereal box, yarn, scissors, sharpies, and aluminum foil)
  • math discussions … types of lines, shapes, angles


You never know where you might find ideas and inspiration …


By the way, after my daughter finished this creation, she was determined to teach me how to finger knit!


My daughter has had more practice, but I think I am starting to get a little better …

Since my aunt asked my daughter to teach her too, maybe that is a video demonstration with instructions we can do together!

Reader Comments (1)

I did a huge art project with foil and string also! It inspired a lot of fellow artists!

March 15, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterSarah Feinman

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