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Changing Excuses to Reasons to DO!

Last week I shared that I thought I had a breakthrough with one of my groups of students:

  • Then it was time for my 3rd grade group. I haven’t felt very connected with this group (been meeting with them twice a week since middle of January) but things seemed to CLICK today!!!  We did a creative writing activity using a task card from the Wacky Writing Prompts mini pack.  Students had an object, a place, and a person that they needed to include somewhere in the story. We brainstormed possibilities and then I just let students write. I really tried to stay quiet to not interrupt the thinking and writing process. Seeing student ideas unfold and float out onto pages just made this writing teacher’s heart sing! 

Since we were out of school due to snow and ice, I did not see those students again for a whole week …

So in some ways I thought I might have to start all over again today …

I was wrong!!!!

And that is a good thing!

I managed to find some laptops that were not being used during the time I meet with this group, so while home due to snow, I was trying to figure out what I could do to keep the connection going with that class and possibly find a way to use the laptops.

As an instructional technologist, I shared with teachers the benefits of having students blog, so that crossed my mind, but …

The excuses for not doing that crossed my mind too …

I don’t meet with these students every day. I don’t know what they can do. I was afraid it would be too much for me to handle. That group of students is not a small group.

But then I realized that those were EXCUSES and not REASONS for me not to do something …

Those actually should be reasons for me TO DO something …

And since blogging is the way I started with technology and using technology in the classroom, maybe that would be the best way for me to start again …

So while all those thoughts were spinning around in my head, my daughter (8) was doing more than just thinking ideas …

She was posting on the blog her 3rd grade teacher set up for the class …

Her teacher attended one of the sessions I did on using KidBlog in the classroom, but I learned more from her example (as I saw through my child) that she learned from me at that session …

My daughter posted more on her blog last week than I did on mine!!!!!!!

Her teacher had instilled confidence in her to know what to do and be inspired to do it  …

Even when not in the classroom!

So I chose to take that plunge too!

Yesterday my 3rd grade group began blog posts sharing the stories they wrote last week (using a prompt from the Wacky Writing Prompts mini pack)

And even though I often say that our students can do so much more than we (teachers) think they can, I am excited to say how pleasantly surprised I was at the WONDERFUL job that group did!

Towards the end of our time together, I told students that they could follow the same path we took to get to the blog (went through the school webpage and then my teacher page) if they wanted to work on their post from any computer with internet.

As the group was leaving, a few students came over just to make sure they had the correct usernames and passwords in case they wanted to get back on the blog to work …

This smiling teacher gladly shared that info!

And one girl asked me if she could start another story on a new post after she finished the first one 

Can you guess my answer?



I admit that I was scared and was not sure things would go well.  I guess that is a pretty bold statement for someone who spent the last 5 years encouraging teachers to take chances and try things with students.

So I decided to follow my own advice …

And couldn’t be happier!

I have a feeling this small step will encourage my students to want to do even more …

And I need to follow their lead!


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