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With A Purpose ...

Since one of my goals is to stretch the thinking of my students, I think reflection is a good way to help my students think about their thinking …

So I have started asking questions to start conversations about the thinking strategies and skills used that day in class …

With my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students …

And anyone else who happens to be in the room!

I made these signs to display in my classroom

I have goals for skills and strategies to encourage and support each day 

But there are many times when students come up with so many more than the ones I expect!

In order to keep students from just listing things that they think I want to hear (or what I call “making a grocery list”), I ask follow up questions so students can work on using details to support answers.

But not in a boring way 

Many times I have wished I was recording those learning conversations we have at the end of class since I never know what is going to be said

Most of these times these conversations lead me to smile!

We do some fun activies …

But fun activities with a purpose!

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