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No Words ... More Thinking?


Looking on the bright side, at least my group did not go from 4 to 12 this morning …

But it did go from 12 to 4 …

Since I was not sure that what was in my plan book would work as well with only 4 students, I made a quick turn in a new direction!

Flexibility is the name of the game, right?!?!?

Since the overall focus is to stretch thinking and use the 4Cs (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication), I suddenly had an idea! 

(as I mentioned yesterday, that statement used to concern a few of my former co-workers)

I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, but Scholastic Book Fairs are my downfall …

But I guess if it is books, then it is not really too bad …

And I only bought six books today …

Two of those are wordless picture books!

I read, or I guess experienced, those books this morning before seeing students

And they popped to mind when my plans suddenly needed to change!

I had 2 boys and 2 girls in my now smaller small group …

I gave one of those books to the boys and the other book to the girls without giving any background knowledge or information about the books.  I wanted to see what would happen …

After overhearing the girls plan to alternate reading pages, I did smile to myself!

It did not take them long to figure it out!

There are no words … pay attention to the details in the images and the story the images portray!

I have seen these groups read and partner read before, but they paid much more attention to the books today!

Even though it was really hard for me, I tried to just sit and listen to both groups with pinpointing the things I noticed …

After the groups were finished with one book, they swapped books and started reading/experiencing the other book

I soon heard students comparing and contrasting the two books!  That told me that they were thinking and not just looking at the picture!

The stories the girl group and the stories the boy group created shared some details but had unique differences!

I was surprised (and thrilled) at all the things that were noticed to create a rich storyline … 

After both groups read/experienced both books, then we had a conversation about the books (not a question and answer session)

We eventually talked about how we thought these were created …

Does the story come first?

Do the pictures come first?

I asked a question about how these wordless picture books compared to another picture book I had full of words to tell the story.

Students told me the wordless ones required more thinking for them to read.  So I asked which they thought might be more challenging to create …

They quickly decided the wordless ones must be easier since it was just images.

So I gave them the chance to create …

When we reflected at the end of class, students told me that there was more to making a wordless picture book than just drawing pictures …

Creativity and Critical Thinking, here we come!!!!

This quote keeps running through my mind:

“We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience.” 
― John Dewey

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