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Looking for some Magic?

I started reading A Snicker of Magic yesterday
And fell in love …
After only reading 20 pages, I knew I wanted to buy a copy!!!
I stole a few minutes to read before school this morning and I got to one part that made me stop …

Here is what I’ve learned about miracles: Sometimes they turn up quick, and sometimes they take their sweet time getting to you. It’s hard to tell either way because a miracle never looks exactly how you think it should.  Some miracles are big and flashy, and others are sweet and simple. Some miracles make you want to shout, and others make you want to sing.

And some miracles, the very best of all, show up wearing cowboy boots.

It made me stop

And it made me smile

And think

Although I am not too sure exactly what I was thinking about

But I could not get those words out of my head

I suddenly knew I needed to write or type those words

And I am not exactly sure why


Or maybe I never will know

But those words made me smile

And that is an idea I like! 

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