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A letter ...

Dear Students,

Today is the first day of class!

And you are not the only one who is excited and nervous …

We both have new people to meet as well as friends to greet.

Just as we hope that you will use the things you learned last year as a basis for what we will do this year, my mind is racing remembering and reflecting on the things I have learned in the past to make this a great school year for you!

You had a teacher last year and you have a teacher this year, and while they may share some qualities, each one of us is unique. I bet that you are not exactly the same at the beginning of this school year as you were at the beginning of last school year.  

And you know what … I am not either!

So let’s work together to figure out how to make this year the best it can be!

We are both going to make some mistakes, some big and some small … hopefully more small ones than big ones.

Let’s see those mistakes and times of frustration as opportunities for learning and not prompts for a major meltdown (I think I might be talking more to myself on this one …).

We have a chance to do some really great things this year!

I hope we are not afraid to ask questions when we don’t understand …

And to let curiosity and wonder lead our learning journeys!

I look forward to seeing you each day and bringing my best to help you have an awesome year!


Your teacher,

Mrs. Edwards

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