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Farting Robots???

Missing a Monday is never a good thing …

Not that I like missing any day of the week, but I think Mondays are really tough since I think the tone is established for the week that first day.

But sometimes, it is totally unavoidable (like when your husband has a double ear infection along with a severe sinus infection and your daughter has an ear infection with lots of coughing and congestion, so he would not be much help to her staying at home)

So I contacted a sub, made sub plans, and got everything as ready as I could

In my mind, I was going to get a lot accomplished being at home that day since the rest of my family would be sick and in bed …

Well, you know how plans go …

But I did make a few things happen that might not have been possible otherwise …

While sitting on the couch (with my feet up) and spending time on Twitter, I came across a tweet from an author about swag bags to go with his book …

I am all about reading and swag bags!

So I sent a message to Jarrett Lerner saying that my students would love a swag bag (I did go and look at the summary and review of the book first before sending him a message … and quickly decided some of my students would really enjoy reading a story about a robot who farts: EngiNerds)

He responded asking questions about my class and mentioned that there is a classroom activity and discussion question guide on his website, and that he is willing to Skype.


Our class has already had a few Author Skype visits this year, but that is another blog post!

So while I was connecting with this author, I decided to check out his Twitter …

WOW! He tweets about so many great books and authors! I immediately want to purchase each book for my classroom!

I guess I will just add them to my ever-growing “Books To Buy” list!

One of his retweets led me to the site of another author ..

But that is another blog post!

I can’t wait to see how my students respond when I introduce this new book to add to our classroom library!

Normally I lay out the new books on a table in the classroom to let students see the new library additions a day before they can check them out …

This time I might do a book talk resulting in a book raffle …

How do you introduce books to students to get them excited about reading the new addtions to the classroom library?

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