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Toppings on a Burger?

Yesterday we let Madalyn choose the where we had dinner. That can be scary thing to do at times, but she did well tonight!

We ate at a local grill in Clarkesville, GA where they have burgers with interesting toppings named after certain cities.

Until recently, I was a cheeseburger with cheese only girl (and I still am most of the time).

Neil gets more adventurous with toppings … he loves burgers with an egg on it. He might even try one with a piece of pizza on it tomorrow night!

I have enjoyed an Elvis burger (with peanut butter and banana).

My burger was topped with Pineapple and teriyaki sauce (and grilled onions that I had left off). Neil had a burger with peaches and sweet onion sauce.

Last week, Madalyn had a burger with grilled onions, pepper jack cheese, and avocados. She has been trying variations of burgers with avocados recently (yesterday, she had one with guacamole on it). Our friend had a black and blue burger that was blackened and topped with blue cheese and onion straws.

Tonight we went to another place for dinner (we are on vacation), and the special for tonight was bison burgers topped with an array of unusual choices.


What is the best and/or most unusual topping you have ever had on a burger?

If you could have anything on a burger, what combination would you choose?

I guess that could become a problem-based learning project …

Or a math one figuring out combinations ….

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