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Emory from Instructional Technologycame and helped Mr. Smith get the ActivBoard software and stuff set up correctly for me to use! I can't wait to start, but I have some other projects that I have to get done first (so unlike me to procrastinate, but I am). I think my first project will involve my "Guess the Covered Word" books in some way.

I found a neat site that allows me to easily change/alter the backgrounds and images on blogs on The only problem is that it is blocked at school, so some things don't show up too well.

Today my AIG students began a Math Vocabulary powerpoint. We have been reading books (Sir Cumference) and taking notes (Marzano HYIS) of the math terms we encounter. My girls have been looking online to define some of these words. I thought about having them use Photostory to create something with math words, but I still have not played around with it much and learned very much about it. Since I am a bit more comfortable with powerpoint (and they have some previous experience with it), that is what we started today.


ActivStudio Notes

ActivStudio (online class)
Topic 1
Grouping – slide the arrow over a letter and click – the word will be surrounded by a rectangle and pick-up boxes (it will be automatically joined together) . . . to ungroup, click the gray box . . . click on an individual letter again and the box will just be around that letter
Use the Spray Bottle as a clear all tool
Saving the FlipChart --- click on menu, select flipchart – save to – my flipcharts

Topic 2
Your recent charts are displayed on the dashboard, where you can also find choices to create or open from
The rubber stamp option allows you to place the same image by just clicking the cursor, then use the marquee tool to resize and move
Moving and organizing toolboxes :
you can turn on/off main toolbar by clicking on customize
you can move it to the top or the side by clicking on the gray area
you can add or delete things from the toolbar by going to customize
Topic 3
Working with text
Using the pen tool to create a page heading (select “new flipchart” from dashboard
Floating Keyboard: click on design mode to uncheck it and change to presentation mode . . . then click on the “Power Tools” button and select keyboard
Power Tools: floating keyboard, math tools (ruler, protractor, pushpin, clock, dice, globe, . . .)
To edit text . . click on and then click again . . . box opens to allow to change size, font, location, . . . )

Topic 4
Shared Backgrounds: click on button on side (looks like a background) . . . there are many folders in the resource library . . . hover the cursor over the icon and it will show you the resource type)
Shared Flipchart Pages:
Click on down arrow to view options
Click on “shared flipchart pages” button
Click on plus symbol next to flipchart builder
To use the shared resource library:
Click on button to open new flipchart
Click on library button (stacked books)
Click on shared images
Click on topic and a set of thumbnail images appears
Click “drag and drop” to select image and place on page

Topic 5
Customize Tool box: Main menu . . . customize . . . toolstore (click and drag)
Using grids: dashboard . . . new flipchart . . . resource library . . . shared library button . . . shared grids button (grids can be useful when designing lessons or arranging items on the page . . . when finished designing, just delete the grid using the clear tool

Topic 7
Math tools: click on protractor to open math toolbox to increase or decrease size

Topic 10
You can link to videos, sound files, Word or Excel documents
Page Turn Effect: right click on “next page” button and select from box
Reveal tool and Spotlight tool on the toolbar (choose options)
Using TickerTapes:
to make a tickertape on existing text in your flipchart, right click on the text and from select “make tickertape” from menu
to create tickertape using any text, click on PowerTools, then on TickerTape Tool, New, Define, and type any desired message in the boxClock tool: PowerTool Button . . . Clock tool . . . select from box . . . settings . . . add sound if desired after time out . . . reveal tool


3rd Graders

My 3rd grade group is finishing their PBL activity by creating a PowerPoint about the gameshow they created. There are many different levels of computer skills in this group. Students who understand what they are doing are being kind and helping others when they have questions. We have talked about changing the background design, changing the font, and saving the presentation. I am planning on students finishing this project tomorrow. I would like to upload their presentations to ther 3rd grade learning log.


ActivBoard Users Group

ActivBoard Users Group
· New update currently available (3.7.19)
· Version 4 is coming soon (big changes?)
· Go into Dashboard and check for updates that we should be able to do without a tech person from the county

· Promethean Planet
· Promethean Learning
· Resource packs (holidays, seasons, months, . . .)
· Support can now be found in Promethean Planet as well as a Blog and Forum area (ActivStudio v3 features and benefits)

· Main Menu – Studio Settings – Spell Checker
· NC Resource Pack?
· Main Menu – Customize – Tool Store (to add options to flip chart creation)
· Container Technology
· Resource Library

· Math Tools:
· Protractor (draw along edges and create pie pieces)
· Ruler (draw shapes, mirror across lines of symmetry, rotate, turn, slide)
· Compass Tool

· Magnifying Glass
· Tool: Magic Magnifier (look for lessons on Promethean Planet)
· Layers

· Annotate Over Document (dashboard settings)
· Press button beside flip chart hide/show button on main menu and a black box will appear along the outer edge
· Allows you to write, highlight, draw, . . . on documents
· Click arrow tools for links to work
· Press squeeze bottle tool to clear annotations

· Power Tools: Area Video Recorder
· Area screen
· Define area
· Press record
· Save on desktop
· Makes it into a windows media file that can be posted to a website
· Laptops allow recording voice as well as actions (so can be posted for students to look at to review when needed)
· Records in high resolutions, so needs to be done in small sections

· Active Arena (coming soon?)
· Will use a different pen and require a board update
· Pen will respond to a different frequency, so you can write with 2 pens at the same time (technology not used by any other interactive board)

· Doggy Attendance FlipChart has a video running in the background (animated .gif file quicktime movie)

· Design Mode
· Right Click – insert – video file link
· Open as a place holder
· Start automatically
· Loop?
· Don’t show video controller


Integration Ideas: PowerPoint (DEN Webinar)

Integration Ideas: PowerPoint (DEN Webinar)
Presentation can be downloaded from Dennis Swain’s Blog (DE Streaming Professional Development)
“There's much more to Discovery Education streaming than just watching videos. Learn how to take content from DE streaming and integrate it into PowerPoint to create dynamic lessons for your classroom.”

Embedding and hyperlinking in PowerPoint
Why we do it: make movie files more engaging, easier to present/share, makes PPT and learning more interactive
Embedding: placing a document, video, sound, image, etc within the framework of a slide
Advantages: looks pretty, stay within the presentation
Disadvantage: lose ability to fast forward and rewind movie files
Saving files is really key when showing and sharing presentations
Discovery Education Streaming Videos are segmented and organized by topic, grade, subjects, . . .
Small file size works best (small chunks)

Select Video (or image or sound) in DE Streaming
Click on blue disk – Save – Make a new Folder (put ppt and all digital media in one place to prevent links from breaking and images not showing up)
Save to Hard Drive when done (it will work if saved to CD or thumbdrive but pulling from a second source may slow things down)
INSERT tab is crucial to using digital media

Look for and download Images and Sounds as well as videos on DE Streaming

Image Size – Medium (small is for thumbnails and large is best used for color prints)
Anything you download from DE Streaming can be used for classroom and student purposes within your building/district

Highlight Word -- Insert – Hyperlink (shortcut: right click to hyperlink)
You can also hyperlink images as well as words

Embed Audio by Insert – Movie and Sound – Sound from File (folder)
You can actually move the sound icon off the screen so it is not viewable but is still there (check for it to automatically start)
Leave the icon and start on click to help students and.or presenter know there is sound on a particular slide

Embed a movie file using Insert also (choose automatic or when clicked)
Draw Viewable area
Disadvantage: doesn’t allow you to really control where you are in the file, so make sure you know when you insert it
Simple Machines by Renny, Meredith, Suzanne, Paula
What are Simple Machines? Click the picture to watch the video (possibly include multiple images on the same slide?)

Discovery Education Streaming – Professional Resources Tab
Great Resource for using digital media
Teaching Tips: Embedding Videos in PPTY, Using MovieMaker to Create Own Movies Interactive Whiteboards, Mapping Software, Project Demonstrations, etc . . .
Advanced Search: Editable Files (changing the file you download to better suit your needs by possibly adding something to it) edit
In case you can’t find what you are looking for in the Professional Development Tab, you can search the Blogs on DEN (Discovery Educators Network)

STAR Educator Benefits
Possible Events: show others how to hyperlink/embed videos, images, and sounds