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Tech or Treat

Tech or Treat (DEN Webinar)
Oct. 28, 2008
The host shared some of his tips and tricks and then opened it up to let others share as well.
· (new site to check common usernames to see what sites they are used)
· (FREE safe email and blogs for students . . . you can also link up with other gaggle classrooms for online projects)
· (FREE video ideas worth sharing . . . one recommended by Sir Ken Robinson “Do Schools Kill Creativity)
· (site reads to students)
· (FREE book site that has books you can embed in your blog)
· (live broadcast site that is one you can’t just jump in and learn)
· (music site)
· ( short streaming videos about almost every element)
· (makes complex ideas like technology easy to understand)
· (international learning and teaching project designed to help students ages 9-15 grow into knowledgeable, responsible, and empathetic adults
· (personalized google page)enha
· Google preview (inserts preview images (thumbnails) of web sites and Amazon products into the Google and Yahoo search results pages.)
· (create, publish, share, and discuss comic strips)
· (custom mosaics and jigsaw puzzles from digital pictures)
· (create animated movies in a few minutes)

  • (collection of children’s books to use with smartboard or interactive whiteboard, 713 books available, you can also create and publish own books exciting