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Wonderopolis is a project of the National Center for Families Learning. Each day Wonderopolis shares an intriguing question to encourage asking questions, looking for answers, and thinking about possibilities. This site was created for families but is also a big hit in classrooms of all ages. In 2012, my family was chosen as WonderLead Ambassadors to represent Wonderopolis as well as to promote and support Wonder. 

Wonderopolis does a nice job of providing a little background knowledge to help things make sense while still not fully answering the question …. which still allows thinking and wondering to happen. I think there is enough information provided to make you want to know more … and they provide links and ideas for finding out stuff if you want to know more …. which encourages exploration and discovery based on interest.

For a year, I served as a Wonderopolis Ambassador. Here you can find pieces of that learning journey.


15 Pages .. 5+ Wonders ...

It is hard to believe that it is almost time for Miss Madalyn to go back to school!

She will start 2nd grade in just a few weeks!

Tonight at bedtime, we starting reading a book together … Judy Moody Saves the World.

As we read the first chapter, I kept noticing things that could be wonder on Wonderopolis!

So I asked Miss Priss if I could borrow her book to reread the first chapter while she falls asleep!

The story opens with Judy Moody telling her brother that he should knock before he enters her room. He things she means that he should tell knock-knock jokes!

In the first chapter, Judy Moody and her brother find out about a Crazy Strips (Band-Aid) Contest. Judy Moody shared an idea she had about using smiley face to decorate a Crazy Strip.

Along with the smiley face, Judy Moody added a slogan about curing bad moods …

As they brainstormed ideas for entries, I wondered how Madalyn would decorate a Crazy Strip … She suggested a peace sign with flowers around it and a heart shaped sun.

This chapter even mentioned Picasso … 

Toward the end of 1st grade, Madalyn’s art class learned about famous artists and created artworks based on the techniques and characteristics they are known for.  

So she refers to Picasso as “that guy who mixes people faces” and brought home a picture of a face she created with the location of the nose, eyes, and mouth all mixed up!

Look how many Wonderopolis connections we have found so far in this book …

And we are only to page 15!





"Everywhere you turn, there is something to learn"

“Everywhere you turn, there is something to learn”

That saying goes great with today’s theme for Wonderopolis Camp What-A-Wonder (Wednesday: Fun Places All Around You) …

That saying was on the back of one of the green Wonderopolis shirts Madalyn wore on our vacation …

While we visited Massanutten, Viginia last week, I really understood the meaning behind that saying …

I kept a list of all the things we saw and/or experienced on our trip that we want to wonder about and explore more!

I took that list and created a word cloud …


Here a some past Wonders that we can’t wait to start exploring since they match things on our list!



Do you keep a list of things you wonder about during your 3 Minutes of Wonder to look back at and explore more later?




As I watched Nik Wallenda complete a tight ropewalk close to the Grand Canyon on Sunday, I began to wonder how in the world he could balance on the 2 inch thick cable for such a long time … 

I know he has practiced for a long time in all kinds of conditions …

But even he said that it was hard to stay focused for that long!

Balance …

Balance is a tricky thing …

Some people have very good balance …

And some people, like me, don’t …

When I  earched on Wonderopolis about balance, I found past wonders about unicycles and paddle surfing …

I even found one about ballet!

From Science Buddies, I found an activity called Circus Science: How to balance anything which focuses on physics, mass, and balance …

I also found lots of things when I searched Thinkfinity for balance

And all different kinds of balance …

Balancing Equations

Balancing Shapes

Balancing Three Branches at Once

Balancing Artists

Balance Points in Science


photo credit: Viewminder via photopin cc



Camp What-A-Wonder Tour!

Join us on a quick tour of Wonderopolis Camp What-A-Wonder!



Wondering and Learning Can Lead to Amazing Things

Having met C.C. Chapman, read Amazing Things Will Happen, and heard him present, I think this sketchnote by Sacha Chu is a great representation of the ideas he shares.  The way the ideas are shared in this sketchnote seems to fit with the ideas and the way they are presented!

On his blog yesterday, C.C. Chapman talks about the importance of Quality Time. I think that topic is behind many of the ideas shared in his book and in the sketchnote above. One does need to take quality time for themself but there is also a great need within us to have quality time with our families.

Near the bottom of the sketchnote above, you may notice this message: Never stop wondering and wandering … always keep learning!

Wondering, Wandering, and Learning together as a family is a great way to spend the quality time we have together!

Looking for ideas to jumpstart, encourage, and inspire WONDERING?

Head over to Wonderopolis!

Along with the great things they share all year, Camp What-A-Wonder is about to start!

Join us for Camp What-A-Wonder, a fun, free opportunity for parents and children to learn together during the summer. This year’s theme is “Uncover the Wonder Around You,” celebrating the many ways Wonder can happen anywhere, at anytime. Camp What-A-Wonder will take place Monday – Friday, June 17 – July 26, following a different theme each week!

You can find out more information and even sign up for camp updates at

There is even a pink flamingo to guide as you uncover the wonder around you …

And remember …

Learning and Exploring together is Quality Time!

You never know what amazing things will happen …