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Wondering and Learning Can Lead to Amazing Things

Having met C.C. Chapman, read Amazing Things Will Happen, and heard him present, I think this sketchnote by Sacha Chu is a great representation of the ideas he shares.  The way the ideas are shared in this sketchnote seems to fit with the ideas and the way they are presented!

On his blog yesterday, C.C. Chapman talks about the importance of Quality Time. I think that topic is behind many of the ideas shared in his book and in the sketchnote above. One does need to take quality time for themself but there is also a great need within us to have quality time with our families.

Near the bottom of the sketchnote above, you may notice this message: Never stop wondering and wandering … always keep learning!

Wondering, Wandering, and Learning together as a family is a great way to spend the quality time we have together!

Looking for ideas to jumpstart, encourage, and inspire WONDERING?

Head over to Wonderopolis!

Along with the great things they share all year, Camp What-A-Wonder is about to start!

Join us for Camp What-A-Wonder, a fun, free opportunity for parents and children to learn together during the summer. This year’s theme is “Uncover the Wonder Around You,” celebrating the many ways Wonder can happen anywhere, at anytime. Camp What-A-Wonder will take place Monday – Friday, June 17 – July 26, following a different theme each week!

You can find out more information and even sign up for camp updates at

There is even a pink flamingo to guide as you uncover the wonder around you …

And remember …

Learning and Exploring together is Quality Time!

You never know what amazing things will happen …

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