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As I watched Nik Wallenda complete a tight ropewalk close to the Grand Canyon on Sunday, I began to wonder how in the world he could balance on the 2 inch thick cable for such a long time … 

I know he has practiced for a long time in all kinds of conditions …

But even he said that it was hard to stay focused for that long!

Balance …

Balance is a tricky thing …

Some people have very good balance …

And some people, like me, don’t …

When I  earched on Wonderopolis about balance, I found past wonders about unicycles and paddle surfing …

I even found one about ballet!

From Science Buddies, I found an activity called Circus Science: How to balance anything which focuses on physics, mass, and balance …

I also found lots of things when I searched Thinkfinity for balance

And all different kinds of balance …

Balancing Equations

Balancing Shapes

Balancing Three Branches at Once

Balancing Artists

Balance Points in Science


photo credit: Viewminder via photopin cc


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