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Wonderopolis is a project of the National Center for Families Learning. Each day Wonderopolis shares an intriguing question to encourage asking questions, looking for answers, and thinking about possibilities. This site was created for families but is also a big hit in classrooms of all ages. In 2012, my family was chosen as WonderLead Ambassadors to represent Wonderopolis as well as to promote and support Wonder. 

Wonderopolis does a nice job of providing a little background knowledge to help things make sense while still not fully answering the question …. which still allows thinking and wondering to happen. I think there is enough information provided to make you want to know more … and they provide links and ideas for finding out stuff if you want to know more …. which encourages exploration and discovery based on interest.

For a year, I served as a Wonderopolis Ambassador. Here you can find pieces of that learning journey.


STEM and Wonderopolis!!!!

Let’s explore some ways you can use the different parts of Wonderopolis and how STEM fits in perfectly with it!

I used the information and quotes as well as images in this presentation to serve as conversation starters at the Cultivating Curiosity Conference in NYC this week.

*the quotes on the slides came from the EduTopia article linked on the second slide

**when facilitating the conversation, the words in white on the gray ribbon were not there but since that is what we talked about, I thought I would include it 


Wonderopolis has a new look!

Join me as we take a look around and see new features as well as new locations for some old favorites! 


What Do You Do When Something is in the Way?

Do you ever have trouble seeing around something or someone?

Do you feel like something might be in the way?

Are you experiencing a communication problem?

Did you know that those things happen to the Earth too?

It is called Solar Conjunction … 

Yesterday’s Wonderopolis Wonder of the Day mentioned one of the planets in the Solar System, so I wanted to share something about another one today …


I am wondering what to ask Astronaut Abby ...

I happened to come across an interesting twitter account the other day in my preparation for my launch adventure … @AstronautAbby

AstronautAbby has a dream and is working towards it ….

Here are some places you can learn more about her and journey:

She recently shared about her experience in a google hangout with some 5th grade students: Promoting STEM in Schools: My Very First Classroom Chat - Astronaut Abby.

Since she mentioned her willingness to do STEM WebChats and even provided a link to the sign-up form, I contacted her and will be chatting with her in 2 weeks!

So if you and/or your children/students have questions that you would like for me to ask AstronautAbby about her dream, her journey, her projects, or anything, then just leave a comment and let me know!

One of my favorite lines from that post was …

I want our questions to be better than the reporters too! 

Questions are something we are pretty good at …




What story can you create for this image?

I remember the crazy stories my dad made up to tell me when I was growing up …

Brainstorming ideas and creating a story, especially a silly one, is a great way to make some connections as a family while strengthening communication skills as well as vocabulary …

What questions can you and your children ask about this image?

What story can you create?

Please put your questions and even your story in the comments so we can all share together!