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Wonderopolis is a project of the National Center for Families Learning. Each day Wonderopolis shares an intriguing question to encourage asking questions, looking for answers, and thinking about possibilities. This site was created for families but is also a big hit in classrooms of all ages. In 2012, my family was chosen as WonderLead Ambassadors to represent Wonderopolis as well as to promote and support Wonder. 

Wonderopolis does a nice job of providing a little background knowledge to help things make sense while still not fully answering the question …. which still allows thinking and wondering to happen. I think there is enough information provided to make you want to know more … and they provide links and ideas for finding out stuff if you want to know more …. which encourages exploration and discovery based on interest.

For a year, I served as a Wonderopolis Ambassador. Here you can find pieces of that learning journey.


Have you looked back?

Light Bulb No. 2
I enjoy looking through the Wonderopolis archives (categorized on the side of the site).  I especially like seeing what the Wonderopolis Wonder of the Day from exactly one year ago on that day. I normally share that on twitter and have started sharing that recently some on facebook.

I normally look in the holiday category for the one that is the closest to the current date last year. Once I get to that Wonder, I use the arrows to move forward or back to find the date I want.

The Wonder of the Day from last year on Jan. 10th was dealt with inventions:

When a new invention is created, developers often invest thousands — or even millions — of dollars into the product or idea. Once the invention is complete, how do they prevent others from stealing their idea and unfairly profiting from it? Smart inventors patent their new creation.

My husband is involved in engineering and applying for patents (he has about six patents so far), so he had this information to share about that Wonder of the Day:

There are 2 types of patents. A design patent is easier to get but much tougher to defend. It is based on a design, look, and aesthetics. A utility patent is how something works or is used. It is a better patent to get and can be easier to defend. Patents can last for 20 years at most. Any patent older that 20 years can be used by the public.

There are so many interesting, fact-filled, awsome Wonder of the Day entries from the past! I encourage you to look at the different categories ... pick out one that seems interesting and see what you can find!

My daughter and I did that one day. She wanted to see what was in the color category and still talks about one of the Wonders that we found ... #129 Why are school buses yellow?


Slam Dunks in Football?

Goal Post

Ever see an NFL player dunk the football over field goal post after a touchdown? 
Ever wonder how high that goal post is....?
While watching a football game yesterday, we had this wonder, so we wanted to find out. We did a little bit of research and here is what we found:

Well, it is 10 feet high at the crossbar. So, the player is jumping just as high as a basketball goal, but an NFL player is carrying 20 pounds of extra equipment and padding.

Here a few of the wonders from Wonderopolis about sports:

#336 Are Footballs Really Made of Pigskin?
#183 What is a Slam Dunk?
#126 What is so Super about Super Bowl Sunday?


The Wonder of Making Muffins?

While we were making mini muffins this morning, Madalyn had several wonders to start off our day:

  • "I wonder how the mix from this pack turns into muffins" (we were using the Martha White muffin mix where you only have to add milk)
  • "I wonder what would happen if you filled this cup all the way up and added that much milk" (the instructions say to add 1/2 a cup of milk and the measuring cup went to 2 cups)
  • "I wonder why these taste so good"

So the teacher in me saw great opportunities for exploration of things like cause and effect, measurement, senses, ....

But the parent in me just saw a good opportunity to enjoy time spent together ...

So I think my wonder today will be to enjoy spending time together ...


Keeping a secret is a hard thing to do!

Madalyn and Our Wonder Jar

Do you know how hard it is to keep a secret when you are used to sharing the things you learn, discover, and do with so many people?

I enjoy sharing things on twitter and facebook, but I have recently had some great new as well as some WONDERFUL learning experiences and not been able to tell my PLN about any of them!

We got to go to the Louisville Zoo and feed the giraffes!
We got to go to the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory!
We got to go to FlameRun Contemporary Art studio!
We got to go to Churchhill Downs!

We had so many learning opportunities and met so many awesome people ... but could not tell.

Well ....I am glad that I now get to tell my secret ....

I am a Lead Ambassador for NCFL's Wonder Year Adventure 2012!

My family and I have embarked on an adventure to explore and share the wonders of the learning in the things all around us. We will be sharing our adventures here on our new family blog as well as with our family twitter and facebook accounts.

I have written several blog posts about Wonderopolis in the past and can't wait to see what learning will happen as our new adventure continues.

Check back here and on the new blog soon to see what we have wondered about  and learned recently ....

(I also took a bunch of pictures) :-)
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